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This ecourse is undergoing a much needed overhaul.
The new version will contain updated, and expanded, information!

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The information in the original ecourse is still valid and good, the only outdated part of the content is which version of Wordpress is used in the demonstration. However, on the download page, I have provided a link to a video I created giving you a tour of the very latest Wordpress 3.3 "Sonny" admin dashboard!

Even with the newer Wordpress admin dashboard look, the core functions of Wordpress, and how to use those, settings, customizing a Wordpress theme, etc... hasn't changed, even in the latest versions of Wordpress.

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Here's just a few things you will learn in this original version of the eCourse ...

  • What a blog is and other 'lingo'
  • You'll register your own domain name
  • Setup your own web hosting account
  • Learn how to create a web site with your blog
  • Learn how to use WordPress and how to actually blog
  • You'll learn about themes, plugins & widgets
  • You'll learn how to customize a theme and much more
  • Surprise bonuses too!

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